We trust our products, and want to pass that peace of mind on to you. That is why we are now offering 1 year extended warranty coverage for your air purifier when you purchase and use a Filter-Monster brand HEPA/HEPA-type filter in your air purifier. That's right, we've got you covered even after the manufacturer's warranty expires! There are no forms to fill out, no registration process. All you have to do is use our filters. If your air purifier breaks while using our filter, up to 1 year after the manufacturer's warranty expires, we'll repair or replace the air purifier for you. Simple as that! (Some limitations apply. See full warranty text here.)

Featuring EcoSilver Technology

Hunter's EcoSilver antimicrobial technology helps stop germs in their tracks! Not only does the EcoSilver pre-filter capture microorganisms from the air but also stops them from propagating. 

EcoSilver pre-filters are conveniently univeral sized pre-filters and can be cut to fit in any air purifier that uses a carbon pre-filter. 

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